And The Top Google Search Is Hight Schol

Yep, you read that right. The top Google Search term, with over 30,000,000 hits in a single month, is for “hight schol”. 

Now if you’re like me, I can’t even begin to overstate the obvious. An occasional misspelling of high school is bound to happen in our modern fast paced society, where people not only suffer from the ubiquitous FFS (that’s fat finger syndrome for the rest of you), but many don’t even bother to check for spelling errors anymore. But can you believe 30,000,000 in one month??

So to add insult to injury, I guess they just expect the rest of us to figure out what they really meant. Fortunately Google deals with that for them. In fact “deal with it” seems to be the modern mantra for our online texting society. And many typos are so often repeated, they are actually becoming widely accepted texting abbreviations.

Of course if you’re super pessimistic, you might choose to believe that the above reveals 30,000,000 people actually can’t spell high school. I choose to believe the former, as it would otherwise be way too depressing to contemplate a generation of kids getting ready for high school, who can’t even spell it!

FFS is actually a more serious problem for some people who by the very nature of their jobs require them to crank out emails, texts and especially alpha-numeric  financial transactions at a horrific pace.  Here’s one example from a recent news clip:

“A stock trader in Tokyo has the “curse of the fat finger” – mistakenly selling over $18 million of web advertiser Adways through a typing error. The trader’s simple typo cost his firm, Tachibana Securities, $18 million.”  This quote is credited to blogger: enhanced, on his blog titled Trading Winner.

Is there hope for a society where pride in our written word appears to be to be going down like a runaway elevator? Yep. First of all stop blaming the device. Many people curse their iPhones, Blackberries and iPads due to occasional lags between keystrokes. Okay, so that’s legitimate. The simple advice there is, slow down and check your work people!

If you’re typing on your computer keyboard you really have no cause for complaint, unless you are one of the rare people who can type well above 100 words per minute. I can do that by the way, but you wouldn’t be able to understand much of what I type over my usual speed limit. I choose to plead the fifth on my actual typing wpm by the way.

The larger issue is our societal pace and we just have to take a breath, try to slow down and realize that we’re responsible for our message clarity. We might want to add: “Thou shalt not force thy text errors upon thy brethren” to the 10 commandments. Or we could do a Constitutional Amendment I suppose. But that’s just wrong.

If slowing down isn’t an option, then you’ll just have to occasionally glance back over your message texts and for the sake of OTHERS, not just YOURSELF, make those simple corrections before you hit “send”.

The alternative is really rather bleak when you consider the trend line for FFS is moving up sharply. With the terrific growth of the blogosphere, we may ultimately begin to slide toward the abyss and repeat the curse of the Tower of Babel. Someday, wemayall smply slidal the wy dn ths lipery slop to complt  nonsens tht requres hig paid FFS trnslators at ech end ofour transmsns! LOL


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