Cat Burglar Terrorizing Neighborhood Caught On Tape

Apparently leading a double life, an innocent neighbor by day – cat burglar by night – had been preying on the small community of Beresford Park,  a San Mateo California neighborhood, for way too long. It seemed no one was safe.

Residents despaired over nightly thefts of valuables; anything that was essentially portable and not locked up. They suspected it might be the work of an adolescent. They were right. Finally, they caught him on tape making his getaway with his nightly loot clearly visible in a surveillance video. 

His name was Dusty and his parents were left with the dirty work – giving back all the loot he had piled up over his years spent terrorizing their neighbors. But, no one was hurt and the valuables have all been returned, so Dusty has avoided the slammer for now.

We can only hope he’s learned his lesson and his nightly forays will cease. Only time will tell.


3 thoughts on “Cat Burglar Terrorizing Neighborhood Caught On Tape

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