Euro Fighter Flies Up Hercules’ Rear

This sequence of photos shows a camera crew marshalling in an F2 Typhoon Eurofighter for a close-up shot out of the tail of a C130 Hercules cargo plane, at almost 200 mph. It’s clearly a near miss!

We have no idea what prompted such a film making stunt, but we’re thinking it could be a demo video for parking a Eurofighter in a Hercules the hard way, a Red Bull commercial, or just a bunch of guys, soon to be court marshalled, trying to get on YouTube.

In any case, this is an impressive sequence that fortunately neither sucked the two crazy cameramen out through the exhaust intakes of the Typhoon, nor resulted in the Hercules having to make an emergency landing with a Typhoon hanging out of it’s *ss.

In the last photo you can practically count the nose hairs on the fighter pilot. If you live in Europe, it should be comforting to see your Euro-tax dollars at work. But you gotta admit, it’s pretty cool to watch.

Here we see the camera crew on the drop-down ramp of the C130 Hercules Cargo plane waiting for the fighter jet to move in closer.

This next photo shows the F2 Typhoon Eurofighter coming into view. Cameraman to pilot: “Can you get any closer?”

Now it starts to get interesting as you see the Typhoon easing in closer…closer

And finally, the Eurofighter is practically inside the rear end of the Hercules! Pilot to cameraman: “Is this close enough?”

Have a nice day and remember, your military always takes on the tough jobs – so you don’t have to.


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