Modern Crime Fighter Wears Superhero Suit

Every child dreams of being a superhero, but then we grow up…well most of us.

One Sunday evening however, a local Seattle man got the surprise of his life when he happened upon a burglar trying to break into his car. 

Fortunately, a masked man calling himself Phoenix Jones suddenly leaped from the shadows wearing a superhero suit and chased away the would be car thief. Then simply turned and disappeared again into the night. Needless to say the local man, who asked that he just be called Dan, was left with his mouth hanging open; but grateful for the strange though welcome assistance.

Phoenix Jones isn’t a real superhero. First of all he has no powers, other than obvious one of audacity, carries a taser, and keeps “the suit” behind a secret door at his comic book store. You could see that coming though right?

 But hey! He’s making a difference, as are the eight other members of his crime-fighting team. So, contrary to his comic book selling day-job, this is no laughing matter. And being a crime fighter by night has its share of danger. Although he wears a bullet-proof vest under “the suit”, patrolling Seattle’s streets can be a risky business. So far he’s been lucky he hasn’t encountered a villain with a gun, a knife…or a lawyer.

Nevertheless, superhero Phoenix Jones is still on the job. And if you’re one of the bad guys, you’d better watch your back. You may turn around some night and get the shock of your life.

Story excerpted in part from: Seattle Citizen Fighting Crime in Super-Sweet Superhero Suit by Drew Kearse


2 thoughts on “Modern Crime Fighter Wears Superhero Suit

  1. Hi, I stumbled on this website from stumbleupon. This isn’t not blog post I would normally read, but I loved your thoughts on it. Thanx for creating something worth reading!

  2. I am the individual (Edward Stinson) that was interviewed for the Seattle AP story that went out earlier this week. I’ve been going through various websites that have been addressing the Phoenix incident in order to let you know that this is a larger than normal sub-culture that has grown into a full movement over the years. I am a writer that has been working with them for a while now and I can honestly say that the members of this Real Life Superhero movement vary as much as any group. There are those that are questionably, those that are merely talk and attempting to live a fantasy, and then those that are ‘REAL’ Superheroes.

    I go under the screen name of, ‘Blackmage’ on the Real Life Superhero website (, if you want to truly learn more about these individuals. Remember, I am NOT an active hero, I am a writer for an upcoming Science Fiction Military-Superhero illustrated novel called, ‘The Elite Forces Division’. This is what originally drew me into the world of RLSHs.

    “Heroes aren’t made during good times!!” – The Elite Forces Division

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