The Empire Strikes Back: Retold in “Iconoscope”

Star Wars Iconoscope storyAn amazingly creative style of storytelling using only icons coined as: Iconoscope, is used to tell the entire Empire Strikes Back series of movies on a single page.

Has to be seen to be believed!

It’s pretty easily interpreted because it’s so symbolically well done. If you’ve seen the movies it will make you laugh. If you haven’t seen the movies, well first of all: FAIL, and secondly you may not totally get the subtleties of the pictograph. Nevertheless, you should be able to appreciate the art form. This will no doubt be copied and forwarded “mucho”.

Apparently the brainchild of Wayne Dorrington, a designer/illustrator living in London, who welcomes you to his blog appropriately:

“Welcome to the creative blog-folio of six foot-three slightly overweight ginger-bearded four-eyed socially awkward senior digital designer & illustrator Wayne Dorrington. This is a new blog, so I’ll be adding my back catalogue.”


Hey everybody, it’s me The Big Zowie. I just wanted to bring this to your attention as:

A FAV Like-It website recommendation from The Big Zowie himself! Check this out and pass it along to amaze your friends! Make sure you tell ’em The Big Zowie sent you. And if you see anything else out there you think I’d like, send it to me and I’ll make sure you get the credit for the excellent find!

This is just Episode V Part 1, but he has them all on his website. See bottom of this page for the link. Meanwhile, check this out:

The Empire Strikes Back Iconoscope is just one of a number of his creations in a similar vein. It’s really very well worth the visit to his blog at: I Should Really Get Out More. Enjoy!


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