11 Easy Strategies To Feel Better When Times Get Tough

A big part of fitness, is health. And as Sara (one of our all-star bootcampers) recently reminded me, health is physical, mental and emotional well-being. However, keeping yourself at optimal health can be challenging for many of us, especially when we are dealing with hard times and stress in our lives.

Lately, a lot of people have been going through some really challenging obstacles and tough times. It’s especially difficult when our loved ones are suffering, and we have to stand by feeling as though there’s not much we can do to help.

This blog gives you 11 Strategies to help you stay strong during the “tough times”, because the stronger you are, the more you can give strength to the loved ones in your life when they need it most. Whether it’s for others, or for yourself, here are the 11 Strategies to handle the tough times in life:

1) Decide. First off, you need to decide. Decide you want to stay positive. Decide you want to have the right attitude. Decide you want to help. Decide you want to change, to get better, to heal. Once you’ve made that decision, you’ve picked the side of the fence you want to be on. This alone makes a huge difference, because you’ve chosen to be positive and your mindset alone will allow change and healing to take place, and prevent you from withdrawing from the situation and shutting down.

2) Spend time in nature. The sky, the water, the trees. These simple gifts of nature allow us to re-center and re-connect with what is strong and eternal in us. Spend time in nature and draw strength from it. Going on a hike clears the mind, and allows you to get back to a positive way of thinking. If you’re in a real funk, stop everything you’re doing and just go outside for a walk. You’ll be surprised at how effective this can be.

3) Go shopping for healthy foods. A good strategy for staying healthy during hard times is to eat right. Think of food as medicine to heal and strengthen you, physically, mentally and emotionally. Find foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and walnuts. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. When you’re down or depressed, it’s easy to head to your favorite comfort foods like ice cream or hamburgers with fries. Going healthy shopping will help turn this impulse around.

4) Drink lots of water. When you’re depressed, the tendency is to drink less water. You’re worried, and you think less about the hydration your body needs to function optimally. Keep water on you, and drink cups of warm water throughout the day, which my acupuncturist says is really good for keeping your system in balance.

5) Don’t turn to drugs and alcohol. I know that during tough times, the biggest relief is sometimes a total escape. This is why a lot of people turn to drugs or alcohol, and keep themselves “numb”. However, taking this escape route is not without consequences. The first is that you never get a chance to really process the emotions your body needs to feel to create healing. The second is that addiction is very easy to fall into. You might want to think of an alternative escape such as:

6) Exercise. Lifting weights, jogging, and circuit training are all effective ways to help you feel better and keep you strong during the tough times. Remember, the tough times you go through are a lot like lifting weights. In exercise, it’s the resistance that makes you stronger, right? Well, life works the same way. Your tough times make you stronger as a person. Reflect on tough times you’ve had in the past. Haven’t they been a big part of creating who you are today?

7) Find the deeper meaning. Do you just look at the surface and stop there, or do you look for the deeper meaning? Often, we forget that our suffering and the suffering of others is transformative, and is a part of life we cannot turn our backs to. What is the deeper meaning for you? How will this situation affect you 10, 20 or 30 years from now. How will it affect you 1,000 years from now? Seems like a silly question, but it’s really a matter of perspective.

8) Be around positive people who care. During these tough times, don’t go it alone. Leverage off the strength of positive people in your life. They are there to help, and want you to ask them for help.

9) Notice there are other people that are worse off than you. No matter how bad it seems, someone in this world has it worse. Send a donation. E-mail someone who is suffering. Giving can be one of the greatest sources of strength we have in this world.

10) Learn to meditate. Meditation is a terrific way to practice the art of being in the present moment. It relieves stress and anxiety, and is an art form that can help you relieve physical pain as well. I learned at the Self Mastery Foundation. It’s been a great help to me and I highly recommend learning this life skill.

11) Keep the faith. No matter what your religious beliefs, your faith is a powerful thing. Your faith in life, love and happiness is a huge factor and can make all the difference. Keep your faith, and stay strong.

I hope these 11 Strategies to Handle the Tough Times in Life help. Feel free to forward this to a friend, and I’d love to hear your comments below.

The above article credited to: 11 Strategies to Handle the Tough Times in Life at Fit For Life Solutions


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