Fly With Your Own Personal Jet Pack

You have been dreaming about flying a personal jetpack for way too long. Your wait is finally over!

The JetLev company has produced a personal jetpack anyone can afford and learn to fly. Not only is it fun, it’s good clean fun because it uses water as fuel and propulsion. All you need is open water and an hour or so practicing basic flight maneuvering. What could be more simple?

Mankind has always dreamed of being able to fly. Some estimate that about one-in-three persons have had flying dreams. We express our yearnings for personal flight in our paintings, cartoons, science fiction, poetry, songs, films, and in our dreams. We invented balloons, airplanes and other devices to carry us into the air.

In the 1960’s, invention of the rocket belt brought us within reach of achieving personal flight. However, only a handful has ever flown one. Its short flight duration, weight, expensive and dangerous fuels, high noise levels, difficult controls, and extremely high risks of death and injuries would continue to thwart commercialization efforts.

But in March of this year JetLev Technologies changed all that with their roll-out, or should we say blast-off, of their much-anticipated JetLev R200. Flying was never so cool…especially since you’re flying in and out of water!

Check out the video. Maybe you’ll be Jetlev-ing your way around someday too.


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