World’s Wackiest Vending Machines!

Need a car…right now? Then you just need to jog over to your corner Smart-Car vending machine, and as fast as you can say “coin-slot”, you can be on the road in your new, very own Smart-Car.

The up-scale vending machine market is exploding with just-in-time products for on-the-go shoppers. You won’t believe what you can get out of a vending machine these days!

Eliminating the inconvenience of register lines and adapting to the needs of the modern shopper, many of these crazy vending machine concepts have taken off as successful franchises.

As much as people might not like to admit their tendencies toward instant gratification—without the salesperson hassle—it can no longer be denied.

Need a pair of sneakers, a spare pair of panties (featuring neon colors no less), live bait for that last-minute fishing trip, or maybe you just need to pick up a few bars of gold bullion to tide you over – look no further.

Practically anything that can be crammed into a machine with a coin-slot, or credit card reader is being offered through these new high-tech machines.

Check out: 8 Very Cool Vending Machines for the full story and pictures


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