Seagull Wins Best Video Ever At Cannes France

Here's looking at you kid!

A crazy new viral video shows a seagull grabbing a video camera, flying away with it and recording the trip through the skies over Cannes, France – no doubt a contender for winning the title of best Seagull Video Ever at the Cannes Film Festival.

Posted on YouTube by user opica1983, the video shows an unseen cameraman walking through a large house’s garden at night. He then places the camera on the ground, for who knows what reason?

That’s when the seagull strolls over, grabs the mini-video camera in its beak and takes off.

After the short flight, the seagull lands on a building before dropping the camera, turning it over and walking off.

The posted video includes the comment, “Seagull stole my video camera in Cannes France. I found it on the castle wall, where I had to climb”.

There are some obvious questions surrounding the video’s spontaneity. For instance, many are wondering why someone would be creeping around in the garden with a video camera at night and how they were able to track the seagull to find the camera probably nearly a mile away.

Also, the person who posted the video says it was taken with a GoPro camera. GoPro makes so-called “hero cameras.” These are cameras made for sporting applications and are designed to be used during everything from surfing to skydiving.

GoPro has also made a name for themselves online by producing viral videos for use as advertising. If this was a GoPro promo set-up, it was definitely a good one. And it worked! Everybody’s talking about it now. Check out the video and see why.

This article credited in part to: Viral video shows seagull taking a video camera for a ride


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