Our Future Is A World Made Of Glass!

Corning a world made of glassThis last April, Corning, the American manufacturer of glass, ceramics and related materials, showed a dramatic video presentation of their future to institutional investors and analysts in New York. It provided a breath-taking look into a modern world our parents could not even have dreamed was possible.

The video depicts a family using futuristic glass technologies such as touch-operated kitchen counter tops, smart appliances, mirrors, tables, car information console and auto-dimming sunroof, interactive glass road signs, an interactive bus stop map, wafer-thin glass books and phones, and much more. When you’re watching the video it should immediately strike you as to how real it all seems.

Real and natural – the adults and children using the technologies to communicate and connect are doing so in the most natural way: it’s something they’re all accustomed to doing as part of their lives. That’s the aspirational aspect of this video. Some of the technologies demonstrated aren’t in production (or even in existence) yet. So how did Corning make this and make it so realistic and credible? You can learn the answer to that and many other questions in A Glimpse Into “A Day Made of Glass”, an account of the six days of the shoot by Michael Litchfield, Creative Director of  Doremus, the agency behind the video. Is this a future we want and can afford? Technically, it is not only possible, but will also become affordable. The commoditization of technology historically continues to drive the price of consumer electronics down to Wal-Mart levels of affordability. So too, will the glass house scenario be affordable to middle-income families someday in the near future.

Do we want such a sterile, modernistic lifestyle? According to their YouTube statistics, the viral video of A Day Made of Glass racked up nearly 14 million views and over 35,000 “Likes”. It looks like maybe we do!

Major portions of this article are credited to: A Day Made of Glass, posted by NevilleHobson.com


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