5 Things That Just Don’t Matter

news that doesn't matter

The most amazing thing about news in the world today is how much of it just doesn’t matter. For the most part, it’s all just mental chewing gum.

We are inundated with news stories, local, national, international and even on occasion from the Space Station in low Earth orbit.

In fact, not only is much of it completely inconsequential in our daily lives, most of it is frankly annoying. For instance, who really needs to watch the petulant YouTube rants by the recently fired and always overpaid, sit-com bad boy Charlie Sheen? Or keep up with Lindsay Lohan’s court appearances for breaking probation?

But lots of people watch them, listen to them, forward them and even TiVo them. Talk about a waste of valuable hard drive space.

Besides the fact that this proves some people have a lot of time to waste, it says something about our insatiable appetite for spectatorism as well.

In the spirit of self-liberation, I have compiled a short but insightful list of news items, that just don’t matter, in the hope that somehow we will find it in ourselves to abstain from these spectacles of time sucking voyeurism in the future.

Examples of Things That Just Don’t Matter:

  1. Sheen’s Korner rants (we get it Charlie – you’re pissed they finally fired you – and learn to spell corner)
  2. The Daily Jobs Report (people out of work already know they are  – who else watches TV during the day?)
  3. The latest “Quantitative Easing” news flash from the Fed (okay you’re printing more money to pay bills – wish I could)
  4. Fox News Alerts (please, I’ve had more important alerts in my pants)
  5. Blogger TV reports (just wannabe newscasters, only not as good-looking and too belligerent)

We could go on…you get the idea! Maybe you can think of few examples of your own.  Try it. It’s very therapeutic.

When you finally shrug off these examples of wasting your life, you’ll find more time to be with friends and family, pet your dog or cat, or both, play with your children, you could even make some children, find a better job – or get a job.

So go, frolic, enjoy your life and don’t fall back into the news-crack habit of needing any of the above brain sucks. You might live longer and you’ll definitely feel better.


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