Consciousness Is Not What You Think

For almost 40 years the Institute of Noetic Sciences has explored the fundamental powers and potentiality of consciousness, using the tools of basic science.

In a recent conference held in San Francisco California and sponsored by the the Institute of Noetic Science , attendees explored our new understandings of the  basic nature of consciousness and how it influences the material world of reality around us.

An HD video was produced for the conference, featuring  former NASA astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) Edgar Mitchell, along with several other credentialed experts, who are exploring the boundaries of preception and our growing understanding of the effects of consciousness on the world around us.

Deepak Chopra, another acclaimed speaker in the video remarked: “So, consciousness is the ground of existence that differentiates into everything we call reality: space, time, energy, information and matter. It is both the observer and the observed.”

IONS lists the following as their mission: “Broadening our knowledge of the nature and potentials of mind and consciousness and applying that knowledge to enhancing human well-being and the quality of life on the planet.”

Their scientific approach to investigating what many would consider undefinable, often referred to as the paranormal, is beginning to receive notice and acceptance in the broader mainstream scientific community.

According to Dean Radin, Ph.d and Senior Scientist at NOIS: “What we’re beginning to learn is that our intentions, or attentions and so on, kind of shape not only your own perception of reality, but something about reality itself.”

Click the hyperlink to read more on the work of the Institute of Noetic Science and to see this very special video: Consciousness Matters.


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