Breitling Jet Team Flies With JetMan!

The Swiss fighter jet aerobatic team sponsored by Breitling, recently surprised everyone with a new addition to their formation: JetMan!

In an awe inspiring performance, JetMan streaked across the Swiss countryside at almost 12o MPH in formation with the L-39 Albatross fighter jets to show off the stability and performance cababilities of his amazing flying suit. Seeming to easily maintain position in their formation, JetMan, aka Yves Rossy, a former Swiss fighter pilot himself, showed off the agility of his micro-jet engined flying-wing-suit and established yet another milestone in his breathtaking new venture: making self-propelled flight a reality anyone can someday enjoy.

His major sponsor, Breitling watches has kept Rossy financially powered and in the spotlight with recent exploits such as spanning the Grand Canyon and now this latest incredible formation flying with their Breitling jet aerobatic team.

Someday you too may exclaim: “Look, up in the sky, is a bird, is it a plane? No! It’s JetMan!”

In this video JetMan flies in formation with the Breitling jet fighter aerobatic team:


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