Why Beautiful Women Can’t Get Dates

why beautiful girls can't get dates

Is it truth or myth that beautiful women often stay home alone waiting for the rest of us to get up the nerve to call them?

Obviously we see women who are, or should be models, on the arm of  some equally dashing and handsome man. So we might assume beautiful people only attract each other.

The media and Hollywood is part of the problem here. Many movies and TV shows promote  beauty, fame and success all in the same package. But perception isn’t always reality for beautiful women in the real dating game.

In a Dating Tips 24/7 article entitled Beautiful and Alone:

“… some of them are assumed to be very self-centered and, therefore, will only date certain types of men. They don’t want to be seen with the ordinary guys. In other words, if a man doesn’t have lots of money and a hot car, they shouldn’t even approach women like this.”

But according to the Hathor Legacy,  where they report on women’s issues and healthy role models, editor-in-chief Jennifer Kesler offers in her post Beautiful Girls Can’t Get Dates:

“I just wanted to let the guys who make these movies and shows know: this doesn’t often happen in real life. Actually, I’m not sure it ever does.”

Many of the top women in their field, who have it all: good looks, money, career and self-confidence, find they have real trouble attracting the right man, even when they are supposedly surrounded by them.

From a recent You Magazine article, Beautiful, Successful and alone:

“…this year, a surprising number of actresses will be taking the red carpet ride without a partner on their arm – Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellwegger, Sandra Bullock and Minnie Driver to name a few.

“Ironically, it may be that for some women, it is their hard-won achievements that are preventing them finding love. “Very successful women exude confidence,” says psychologist Ron Bracey, “particularly if they are also good-looking. Men can see women like this as simply too good for them.

So the next time you find yourself standing next to a gorgeous women and you assume by virtue of her beauty and poise she probably has it all and wouldn’t be approachable, think again.And although they might tumble in and out of attachments, Kylie Minogue, Geri Halliwell and Miranda Richardson all remain unmarried. These women are not, they admit, entirely happy about their solo status.”


3 thoughts on “Why Beautiful Women Can’t Get Dates

  1. As a man who had two extremely hot girlfriends, who married one, and is average himself, I can tell you women just want to be treated like people, not sex objects. My wife had her guard up and rejected most men. However, I never put any moves on her, and just talked, and had fun with her. In other words, treated her like a friend. Neither of us had any idea or expectation that we would fall in love. Well, she relaxed and we enjoyed each others companionship. Eventually, one day, we hugged, and the rest is history. She says that a different side of me, a sensitive, caring, loving side, was revealed, that she needed and other guys weren’t giving her. They treated her as a sex object to be conquered. I didn’t. That is the key. Be nice to people without any expectations. And lastly, hot women are the same as everyone else inside. They just have different packaging.

  2. By the way. There were many weekends she didn’t have a date before I came along. All the guys probably thought they didn’t stand a chance. By the time I met her, I got over that, having been engaged for a while to a very hot girl before her.

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