What Happens Next – When We Die?

What happens when we die? It is the most profound question humankind has yet to answer after over 12,000 years of civilization on planet Earth. Just as everyone shares the common experience of birth, we all eventually face the certainty of death. Many believe it is not only the end of life, but the end of their existence as well. But is it?

Science is still gridlocked on the subject because there is no proof of an afterlife. But there is also no proof of a source of life either. Oddly enough, life may not be a thing at all and yet we all live and have a personal experience with this most enigmatic quality of existence.

NBC News sat down with medical doctor and author Deepak Chopra and posed that question to him as well. His book on the subject: Burden of Proof – Chopra’s Life After Death, offered some impressive answers from studies and personal experience as a physician. So is it so much a matter of faith in an afterlife? Do we freely pass from the physical to a disembodied spiritual plane and then back to the physical in a new incarnation? Can we control the process of disengaging from our bodies when we no longer find them useful? Can we pass blissfully into an afterlife without the pain of body death. I’ll continue to explore the research and the people who claim to have the facts in future posts, on not only what life truly is, but what happens next – when we die.

For other interesting information on the subject, look for A View Beyond the Stars on Amazon and Lulu. You might also want to visitThe Immortals website for more interesting videos and interviews on the subject of life force energy.


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