Elon Musk Says We Gotta Get Outta here!

Red Dragon Lander

When Elon Musk says ‘outta here, he means off Earth. He says it a lot and people are starting to pay attention!

Of course Elon Musk gets a lot of attention anyway these days – founder of PayPal, sold and founded Tesla Motors, a sexy little electric car company that looks like it just might make it big and of course there’s SpaceX; short for Space Exploration Technologies. He has his fingers in other companies too, like Solar City, a company he chairs, founded by two of his cousins, that wants to set people free from the bloat of power utility monopolies by providing personal, cheap and sustainable private solar on everybody’s rooftop – for free! Sounds like this guy loves to build things that disrupt the status quo.

And whether he’s invented new ways of moving your money around, or putting people in snazzy looking electric sports cars, or lifting cargo to the International Space Station, he’s been consistent about setting a goal and achieving it. Now he wants to go to Mars.

“That’s where things need to go in the long term,” he is quoted as saying.

Sound a little too too ambitious? Maybe not if you’re Elon Musk. But why in the world would he want to go to Mars? There’s nothing there to build a new business around. It’s just rocks and a bunch of sand. So, here’s where it gets kinda spooky. Elon believes, as a growing number of scientists do as well, that Earth is sufficiently vulnerable to an E.L.E. (that stands for extinction level event). Whether by death from a planet busting comet, or cosmic ray attack by a neighborhood supernova, or global warming that ultimately turns our planet into another super-heated and inhospitable Venus, they don’t think we should risk our species on a single location in the solar system. Elon thinks man needs to spread out if we hope to survive in the distant future. And once again, he’s putting his money where is mouth is with the Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT) program at SpaceX.

Is Elon Musk a real life Tony Stark? Check out his interview on colonizing Mars and decide for yourself.


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