Who’s Your “Daddy”? Join the Genographic Project and Find Out!

Genographic ProjectIntroducing Geno 2.0—A Revolutionary Breakthrough

Building on the science from the first phase of the Genographic Project, National Geographic has developed a cutting-edge new test kit, called Geno 2.0, that enables members of the public to participate in the Genographic Project while learning fascinating insights about their own ancestry. The Geno 2.0 test examines a unique collection of nearly 150,000 DNA identifiers, called “markers,” that have been specifically selected to provide unprecedented ancestry-relevant information.

By participating, you will:

Discover the migration paths your ancient ancestors followed thousands of years ago, with an unprecedented view of your ancestral journey.

Learn what percentage of your genome is affiliated with specific regions of the world. Find out if you have Neanderthal or Denisovan ancestry.

Have the opportunity to help us fill in the gaps in the human story by sharing your story and connect with other Genographic Project participants.

Please note: according to National Geographic, their Genographic project involves tracking historic origins of DNA strains and does not determine your personal paternity.

“Our specific purpose is to test for genetic ancestry and NOT for paternity, medical, or criminal purposes.”

View their FAQ on paternity testing: https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/faq/?s=paternity

Read the whole article at: Family Tree DNA Genographic Project


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