Anderson Cooper 360 Reports: Are Indigo Children Gifted Or Just ADD?

indigo_dnaSince 1978, pediatricians have been noticing something strange in a good percentage of their young patients; something they can’t put their fingers on exactly. It might be a new childhood disorder, or a wonderful new spiritual evolution.

Anderson Cooper teams up with Gary Tuchman to explore the phenomenon of Indigo Children, originally introduced in the 1970’s by Nancy Ann Tappe, who had a rare ability to see energy as colors – especially colors of auras surrounding people. She discovered that some children being born in the late ’70s were emitting auras that were predominantly deep shades of indigo and seemed to be possessed of powerful spiritual awareness and incredible psychic abilities. Her books and teachings caught on and the Indigo Children era flourished.

The prevalent argument today surrounds the medical profession’s view that these so-called Indigo Children are being touted as special, rather than simply ADD/ADHD, or worse. Are they truly special, perhaps a mutated version of more normal homo sapiens, or just misfits?

Check out the CNN Anderson Cooper 360 video and judge for yourself.


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