The Deep Dark Secrets of Room 48

Underground bunker

What secrets lurk behind the blast-proof doors of Room 48 in the dark labyrinth beneath Iron Mountain? In a word: data! Corporate data to be more precise. Should there ever be a nuclear attack on America, room 48, part of Iron Mountain’s deep underground vault, will keep your vital corporate information safe; yes, even your darkest corporate secrets can be retrieved to live another day.

Underground “nuke proof” data bunkers have been used in commercial storage for decades, but in recent years they have emerged as a growing niche in the data center ecosystem. Perhaps no company reflects that transition as well as Iron Mountain, an industry leader in document storage and retrieval resources that is now focusing on building its digital storage business.


The flagship facility in the company’s push into the data center sector is a huge underground facility in western Pennsylvania. That’s where Iron Mountain has developed an energy-efficient data center known as Room 48, which combines the natural cooling of the former limestone mine with recent innovations in data center design. Here’s an illustrated guide to Iron Mountain’s Energy-Efficient Bunker.




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